Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments

The effectiveness of any security protection program is directly related to the credibility and thoroughness of the assessments conducted before ANY solutions or changes are implemented.  The importance of conducting these assessments cannot be overstated.  Ultimately, the security design, programs, processes, and training capabilities must be aligned to the “purpose of security”, which is based on the types of threats and adversary characteristics identified through these assessments.

The threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments are conducted to identify the likely types of threats, adversaries, and characteristics your program should be designed to defend against.  Our threat assessments support the development of a design basis threat (DBT) that will be used as the foundation for building the security protection program.  The vulnerability assessment will identify the existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses to defend against the DBT, and lastly, the risk assessment provides the client with the information necessary for prioritizing the actions to be taken that will reduce the vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Our security experts have conducted hundreds of threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments on all types of critical infrastructures. We truly understand the rigor and experience required for evaluating the current, or proposed, physical designs, policies, training, performance standards, the material condition of equipment, etc.. For example, here is an illustration of the detail of our assessments:

  • We thoroughly evaluate the physical designs and technologies in place for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to defend against the DBT
  • We evaluate the quality, effectiveness, training, and implementation process for operating procedures, training lesson plans, etc.
  • We assess the culture of the organization for meeting management performance and operational standards
  • We evaluate the implementation, compliance, and effectiveness of programs and processes that drive for continuous improvement

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