Securing our Schools

“Prevention is not and cannot be a passive process!”  

We work one-on-one with our clients providing comprehensive programs ensuring a credible and effective protection capability for today’s school threat environment.  BSI informs clients of the key elements required for building these complex and complicated protection programs.  We have put in the work creating the standards, procedure templates, protective strategies, new technologies, internal & external training programs, and establishing a threat assessment program that actually align with the purpose of school security and threat assessment.

A school safety and security program must begin with describing its “purpose and objective” and a well-defined threat (e.g. adversary characteristics and tactics) that would be considered reasonable for what a school system should be capable to protect against.

The threat paradigm has changed requiring the education sector, and their communities, to re-evaluate their current capability for preventing and mitigating a significant security event.  The educational sector is unique, and presents numerous challenges for implementing essential changes to improve the protective measures against the dynamic nature of today’s school threat environment.  We have the experience, as proven change agents, to enable our clients with the ability to effect a successful transition.  

Today’s school security demands a consultancy with the right type of expertise and experience for protection of critical facilities.  Simply conducting a “vulnerability assessment” that checks blocks or utilizing a training program that fails to truly test the protective capability by “demonstrating” effectiveness using real-world conditions is unacceptable.  We have witnessed too many programs and products being sold to schools today that result in little to no improvement in protection standards.  Our clients are thoroughly educated on essential concepts and provided thorough insights on what it takes for creating a robust and credible program designed to meet the purpose of security.  School security programs are complex and complicated and need a comprehensive program to be effective .   The threat paradigm has changed requiring the education sector re-evaluate its current capability.

The following list represents services and products offered to the education sector:

  • Threat Analysis
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (with recommended solutions)
  • Security Protection Program (plan, procedures, protective strategy)
  • Threat Assessment Prevention Plan (procedures, training, and support)
  • Training Programs (e.g. exercise development and conduct, lesson plans, tabletop and integrated response exercises)
  • Integrated Response Program (e.g. procedures, tabletops and field exercises)
  • Vendor product and service vetting and recommendation
  • Key stakeholder public communications

The State of Pennsylvania’s School Safety and Security Committee has approved Black Site International, LLC as a State Security Assessor for conducting school security assessments per requirements of PA Act 44.