Performance and Compliance Assessments

We provide our clients with an invaluable performance- and compliance-based assessment. This service demonstrates its value by identifying previously unknown or unreported issues requiring immediate attention.


Why You Need An External/Independent Assessment

Internal risk assessments typically fall short on quality for reasons such as the limitation on personnel availability, objectivity, conflicting priorities, and lack of experience. The potential consequence from not having a robust internal assessment program can have short and long-term impact on program capability and performance assumptions.  Negative trends and red flags may not be recognized due to familiarity of the program and tolerance for less than acceptable standards.  It has been our experience over the years that bringing in external and independent experts yields a valuable assessment using a new perspective and expertise for identifying issues previously unknown by management.  Previous oversights or unrecognized vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the program are identified and reported for resolution before it’s too late.  Black Site International provides the expertise, independence, and candid assessments that management expects.