Protection Program Development

Black Site International is singularly equipped to properly assess the threat environment that forms the foundation of your security protection program (SPP).  Every SPP integrates critical key elements into its Security Plan to ensure the purpose of security is continuously maintained.  Our plans and procedure templates provide the essential details to ensure standards are clearly defined and overall performance effectiveness.  Our templates are maintained current and routinely updated to incorporate best practices and lessons learned from real-world events.  Our clients trust our programs because they have undergone extensive scrutiny over many years and demonstrated success responding to real-world incidents.  We have done the work, investing years in creating and testing our concepts that are recognized today as credible, competent, and a global benchmark for the protection of critical assets.     

The following list is an illustration of the  services we offer in developing security protection programs:


Key Elements

  • Security Plan and operating procedures
  • Contingency Response Plan and procedures
  • Training Program and lesson plans
  • Insider Threat/Threat Assessment Prevention Plan (e.g. red flags) and Training
  • Defined Operational & Performance Standards
  • Continuous Improvement Program


    • Establish a design basis threat (DBT)/Basis for building security protection
      • Identification of physical and technology designs to protect assets
    • Recommendation of vendor product solutions aligned to the purpose of security
    • Blast and ballistic analysis and solutions


    • Establish credible capability that reduces risk and consequence
    • Conduct Red Team exercises to evaluate and improve response readiness
    • Scenario development and conduct of tabletop and field exercises with key stakeholder participation
    • Integrated Response and Incident Command Programs