Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are the number one threat to business and government today.  Our national economy, national security, and modern way of life depend on the effective protection of corporate and government cyber assets. At Black Site International, LLC, we’ve seen the threats up close and bring the latest protections to bear defending you from cyber attacks.  

We learn and improve by hands-on experience. Several years ago, we learned of a cyber-hacking group’s intent to breach one of the most sensitive facilities within the critical infrastructure.  Despite our confirmation of the seriousness of the group’s intent, the program owner did not think the group would be successful, believing their system was impenetrable. Their leadership was finally persuaded to to allow a third-party assessment and testing of the system after their systems began being attacked.  The owner was shocked to learn of their vulnerabilities and finally accepted the need for a robust cyber program (threat intelligence, penetration testing, and other tools). They were very fortunate to have the critical upgrades completed before the cyber attacks attacks breached their most critical systems.

We use personal experiences like this to keep our services current. Cyber criminals are creative, and it is our goal to stay several steps ahead of them. Our top-tier subject matter experts, proven cyber program designs, elite threat intelligence platforms allow us to maintain a best-in-class toolbox. Black Site International services include routine assessments and thorough challenge testing of your current protection programs. The threat of cyber attacks continues to grow exponentially. Evolving to meet these threats is critical to protecting your customers and your business. We’re here to help.